Star Trek – 46th Anniversary

September 8, 1966: Television audiences were treated with Star Trek. Star Trek was a series that brought out the best in people, it allowed people to dream for a future where we explored the universe, where we were at peace and the problems of earth were no more, where our technology was so advanced that we could travel to the stars, speak to computers, and heal the sick with amazing technology. Before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, we were dreaming about the future of space exploration and it was exciting the nation.

Today in 2012, we can speak to our computers, and they can speak back to us, our medical technology has saved countless lives, our communication devices and computers are superior to that of the handheld communicators that existed in Star Trek, and we have a robot on the surface of Mars armed with a laser.

Yet… in 2012, the world is still at war, we have disease, hunger, poverty, other issues, and we have no space craft to travel the galaxy. On this day, the anniversary of Star Trek, it is a reminder to us all why we must Fight for Space. We have accomplished so much ahead of what the best science fiction minds could think of, but at the same time we have accomplished so little in that which matters most.

To Boldly Go, we must Boldly Do.