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  1. The documentary was great — one of the more Informative and exciting space documentaries I’ve seen. I went right to your website after I saw the doc. However, the “Take Action” page was a little underwhelming. The same “here are the societies you can join” suggestions.

    Are there more creative ways to do anything? Maybe crowdsourcing space companies or something. I am from NC–it is unlikely my congressman is going to do anything about space. As you imply, the future of space is in private industry, and will probably not be in the government. The problem for many of us is that we get all fired up with no where to go. I always wanted to contribute to NASA, but there is no legal way. And I applied to NASA for a job in the ’80’s and again in the ’90’s; no response. I have gone to Space Fest (which was wonderful), and have joined Space Hipsters, but while that increases discussion and makes connections between enthusiasts, I am not sure that that really helps us get to space. So including a more inclusive list here about what we could do would be enormously helpful.

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